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Tablet Press(2)-Concentration And Addition Method Of Adhesive

Tablet Press(2)-Concentration And Addition Method Of Adhesive


This article introduces the concentration and adding method of adhesive


1. Concentration of adhesive

Generally, the greater the adhesive concentration, the greater the viscosity, which is closely related to its dosage. Most manufacturers do not choose to adjust the concentration when obtaining the adhesive concentration after verification, but control the soft materials by adjusting the adhesive dosage. Usually, the adhesive concentration will be written into the process specification as a fixed value and will not be used to adjust the quality of wet particles, which will not be described here.  


2. Adding method of adhesive

When high-speed wet mixing granulation machine is used, there are generally two ways to add the adhesive. One is to shut down, open the cover of the granulation machine and pour the adhesive directly. This method is not easy to disperse the adhesive, which is easy to cause high local concentration and uneven particle tightness during granulation, resulting in large difference in disintegration or dissolution of the extruded sheet; The other is the non-stop state. Use the adhesive feeding hopper, open the feeding valve and add during the mixing operation. This feeding method can avoid local uneven conditions and make the particles more uniform. However, due to the requirements for the type of adhesive, equipment design or operation habits, the use of the second slurry feeding method in production is limited.


The above is some sharing about concentration and addition method of adhesive. This is the end of the section on adhesives,In the next issue, we will share with you the Selection of stirring speed, chopping speed and stirring chopping time during granulation.


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