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How To Use The Pass Box

How To Use The Pass Box


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Today, I will explain to you how to use the pass box.

The pass box is managed according to the cleanliness of the higher-level clean area connected to it. For example, the pass box connected between the coding room and the filling room should be managed according to the requirements of the filling room. After get off work, the operator in the clean area is responsible for wiping the internal surfaces of the pass box clean, and turning on the ultraviolet sterilization lamp for 30 minutes.


1 The material entering and leaving the clean area must be strictly separated from the flow channel, and the material enters and exits through the special channel of the production workshop.


2 When the material enters, the raw and auxiliary materials will be unpacked by the person in charge of the preparation class or the surface will be cleaned, and then sent to the temporary storage room of raw and auxiliary materials in the workshop through the pass box; The delivery window is sent to the inner package room. The workshop integrator handles the material handover with the person in charge of the preparation and internal packaging processes.


3 When passing through the pass box, the regulations of "one opening and one closing" of the inner and outer doors of the pass box must be strictly implemented, and the two doors cannot be opened at the same time. Open the outer door and put the material in, then close the door first, then open the inner door to take out the material, close the door, and so on.


4 When the materials in the clean area are sent out, the materials should be transported to the relevant material intermediate station first, and the materials should be moved out of the clean area according to the reverse procedure when the materials entered.


5 All semi-finished products shipped from the clean area must be sent from the pass box

to the outer temporary storage room, and then transferred to the outer packaging room through the logistics channel.


6 Materials and wastes that are very likely to cause pollution should be transported from their dedicated pass box to non-clean areas.


7 After the material is in and out, the site of each clearing room or intermediate station and the sanitation of the pass box should be cleaned up in time, the inner and outer access doors of the pass box should be closed, and the cleaning and disinfection work should be done well.

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