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Nicotine Co2 Supercritical Extraction Machine Shipping

Nicotine Co2 Supercritical Extraction Machine Shipping


In the June of 2022.We received the inquiry from customer from Thailand.

We quote him after confirming the machine details.

But the customer still not sure if this method of Co2 extraction is suitable for him.  


So what is Co2 supercritical extraction machine?And how do it work?

Supercritical fluid is an extractant. Under the conditions near the critical temperature and pressure, the components to be separated are extracted from liquid or solid materials. Using the characteristics of supercritical fluid, the required components are dissolved under high density conditions (low temperature, high pressure), and then the conditions are changed to separate the extracted components from the extractant under low density conditions



So we also started the experiments with him by our lab mini machine.

Then we had tried many method to adjust the pressure,the temperature and the flowrate.

Finally we found the suitable parameters of process technology,then we sign the contract and started the order.


The technological process of supercritical fluid

 1. Isothermal pressure swing method: the temperature of the whole process is basically unchanged, and the pressure changes. This process is easy to operate and is the most widely used. It is also suitable for the extraction process of substances with strict temperature restrictions. However, due to the continuous steps of pressure increase and reduction in the extraction process, the energy consumption is high.


 2. Isobaric variable temperature method: using the property that the solubility of supercritical fluid decreases with the increase of temperature within a certain range above the critical pressure, the supercritical extraction mixture is heated in the separation kettle to separate the solute. Its characteristic is that the process pressure is basically unchanged, and the power consumption of gas compression is less, but it needs heating steam and cooling water. Due to the different varieties of extracts, the separation effect also has great differences.


3. Adsorption method: use adsorbents such as activated carbon to adsorb solute molecules dissolved in supercritical fluid in the separation kettle, and the pressure and temperature of the system change little during operation. Because the adsorbent used needs desorption and regeneration, it is not conducive to continuous production. Application of supercritical fluid in food industry


In July of 2022,we finally finished it and shipped it to our customer,more details will share when he received it and feedback!



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