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FAQ - Cleanrooms Choose Our Strengths

FAQ - Cleanrooms Choose Our Strengths


Cleanrooms Choose Our Strengths

Three advantages

Advantage 1:

Our company specialize in clean room and equipment construction for many years, and we have done some cases about clean room all of the world, Quality and reputation are guaranteed.

Advantage 2:

 the professional team will serve you 24 hours a day. If you have any questions related to products, you can contact us at any time. Our engineers will answer them for you from the most professional point of view. Of course, it doesn't mean that only the questions related to the clean room can be asked. If you have supercritical, blister machine, tablet press and other questions, you can also contact us. Our website is

Advantage 3:

 carefree service experience. You can wait quietly after placing an order, because you can't go abroad to guide the installation under the influence of the epidemic, but some customers are not very good at installing clean rooms, so we have optimized the installation. First, we will ask engineers to optimize every detail of your CAD 2D drawings of clean rooms, such as how many clean room panels are needed on a wall, The length of U-shaped materials and other small details will be designed in three dimensions for your clean room, and explained in three-dimensional animation according to CAD two-dimensional drawings, so as to ensure that each customer will not have unnecessary trouble due to installation


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