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Clean Room Sandwich Panels

Clean Room Sandwich Panels


Clean room sandwich panels mainly apply core materials such as PU, TPS, EPS, MGO, glass wool, paper honeycomb and so on.Clean room sandwich panels are composed of core material and galvanized steel as surface. For its high performance of fireproof,waterproof,dust-proof,anti-bacteria,electrostatic prevention,etc, clean room sandwich panels are widely used in the fileds of pharmaceutical room,laboratory which requirement high standard of environment.


1. It has good dust-proof function: there are bacteria when there is dust. The dust particles floating in the air contain certain bacteria. The dust particles can be attached to any object surface, so the first thing of the clean panel is to effectively prevent the dust particles from attaching to the plate surface.


2. It has certain antibacterial function: bacteria do not necessarily have dust, and bacteria can also be attached to the object surface. If the clean room relies solely on the clean panel to prevent bacterial breeding or complete antibacterial, it is impossible. It should be effectively sterilized by other air treatment means. After sterilization by other effective means, the clean panel can be used as an auxiliary function and has a certain antibacterial effect.


3. It has good anti-static function: dust adsorption is closely related to the generation of static electricity. Static electricity is one of the main reasons for dust adsorption on plates. Therefore, the anti-static plate can effectively prevent dust adsorption


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd has been dedicaed in the business for more than 20 years in China, you can get customized clean room sandwich panels and one-stop service according to your exclusive requirements.The manufacturer's direct sales saves you intermediate costs. We can design drawings for you free.Onsite installation According to drawing or layout we could calculate how many pieces panel will use, not only provide material, but also design and install service. If you have any ideas, Welcome to inquire.


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