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Clean Room Engineering Acceptance Standard

Clean Room Engineering Acceptance Standard


All kinds of pipes, automatic fire extinguishing devices and purified air conditioning equipment (air conditioners, fans, purified air conditioning units, high-efficiency air filters and air shower rooms, etc.) shall be installed correctly and firmly

Tight, and its deviation shall comply with relevant regulations;

2、 The connection between high and medium efficiency air filter and air duct and the connection between air duct and equipment shall be reliably sealed;

3、 All kinds of regulating devices should be tight, flexible and easy to operate;

4、 Clean the air conditioner, static pressure box, air duct system and air supply and return ports without dust;

5、 The inner wall surface, ceiling surface and ground of the clean room should be smooth, flat, uniform in color and free from dust; There is no static electricity on the floor;

6、 When air supply and return outlets, various end devices, various pipelines, lighting and power line piping, and process equipment pass through the clean room, the sealing treatment at the crossing shall be reliable and tight;

7、 All kinds of switchboards and cabinets in the clean room and the nozzles of electrical pipelines entering the clean room should be reliably sealed;

8、 Various brushing insulation works shall comply with relevant regulations.

Article 5.2.3 the single machine test run of purified air conditioner or air conditioner, exhaust system, local purification equipment (all kinds of clean workbench, electrostatic self purifier, clean drying oven, etc.), air shower room, residual pressure valve, vacuum cleaning equipment, smoke and temperature automatic fire alarm device, automatic fire extinguishing device, automatic regulating device of purified air conditioner and other equipment with test run requirements shall comply with the relevant provisions of the equipment technical documents, It belongs to the common requirements of mechanical equipment, and should also comply with the provisions of the current national standard "standard for quality inspection and evaluation of construction and installation engineering" tj305 (general mechanical equipment installation engineering) and the provisions of relevant industrial standards for mechanical equipment construction and installation.


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