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Cleanroom Wall Panel Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Cleanroom Wall Panel Honeycomb Sandwich Panel


Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

The metal-face honeycomb core panel is adopted with the double-face 0.5-1.0mm thick colorful steel sheet, with the paper or aluminum honeycomb as core.

It is normally in the structure of aluminum frame, middle aluminum, tongue-groove, four negative, flat-mouth or 3-negative/1-positive.

With the advantages in strong heat-preserving, good sound insulation, high strength and light weight, it is widely applied in the separation wall, ceiling and door panel for clean room.


Paper honeycomb sandwich panel

Paper honeycomb sandwich panel is a new type of high-tech building material, which is a replacement product of rock wool, EPS, PU and other traditional sandwich composite panels.

Compared with traditional sandwich panels, it has higher flame retardancy, lighter weight, stronger load-bearing capacity, better sound insulation effect and better environmental performance.

It is widely used in electronics, biology, hospital operating rooms, laboratories and other clean engineering fields,food, pharmaceuticals,  military and other clean building fields, and is the first choice for modern buildings.


The paper honeycomb sandwich panel is a green and environmentally friendly product in the true sense, and 100% of the waste is recycled. The product has the advantages of good flame retardant performance, anti-static, no dust. No toxic substances are produced in case of fire, and the waste can be completely recycled and reused.


Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel

The production process of the aluminum honeycomb panel is made of the middle aluminum honeycomb core, which is made of high-quality fluorocarbon roll-painted aluminum plate as the panel. And it has the advantages of sound absorption and heat insulation, environmental protection and strong pressure bearing capacity.


Sound absorption Because the honeycomb core in the aluminum honeycomb panel is divided into many closed cells, the air flow is blocked, the sound wave is hindered, and the sound absorption coefficient is improved (can reach more than 0.9). At the same time, according to the indoor acoustic design, different perforation rate design is carried out, and the sound absorption coefficient of the combined structure can be controlled within a certain range.


The material of the heat-insulating aluminum honeycomb core is a metal material made of aluminum alloy. The melting point of aluminum is as high as 660 ° C, so when a fire occurs, neither the surface aluminum plate nor the middle aluminum honeycomb core will ignite.


As a pure aluminum product, the environmentally friendly aluminum honeycomb core does not volatilize any gas harmful to the human body, is non-radioactive and can be completely recycled. It is an environmentally friendly product for the "green development" of the current board.


Pressure bearing We know that the advantages of aluminum honeycomb panels are high-strength pressure bearing capacity, which also benefits from the scientific design of aluminum honeycomb cores.

The panels on both sides of the aluminum honeycomb panel are high-strength aluminum panels, and the inner layer is a special hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core. As the honeycomb core panel adhered to the sandwich structure, it is subjected to pressure in the tangential direction. The I-beam can disperse the pressure from the direction of the panel, so that the panel is evenly stressed.

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