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Commonly Used Wall Panels In Clean Room - Rock Wool Panels

Commonly Used Wall Panels In Clean Room - Rock Wool Panels


The wall panels for clean room decoration include polyurethane sandwich panels; EPS sandwich panels; rock wool sandwich panels; aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels; paper honeycomb sandwich panels; glass magnesium sandwich panels, etc.

The choice of wallboard in the clean room is very important. Wall cleanroom systems for the pharmaceutical industry are designed to meet the most stringent medical standards and requirements. Today we will talk about the most commonly used wallboard material, rock wool sandwich panel. 

The metal-face rock wool sandwich panel is made of double-sided 0.5~1.0mm thick color-coated steel plate, and the core is rock wool.

Common structures are aluminum frame structure, middle aluminum structure, tongue-groove structure, four-negative structure, etc.

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SUZHOU PHARMA rock wool panels has the advantages of strong thermal insulation performance, good fire resistance and high strength, and is widely used in clean room partitions and ceilings.


Rock wool sandwich color steel panel is made of natural rock, blast furnace iron slag, etc. melted into filaments at high temperature, and then solidified and formed. It has a fire resistance of 600 ℃, and the fire resistance grade reaches Class A. Its core material is rock wool that cannot be burned. If there are anti-corrosion and anti-rust projects, the surface material can be changed to stainless steel. Their thermal conductivity is usually between 0.03 and 0.047W/(m.K) at room temperature (about 25°C).

High-quality rock wool insulation panel should have the following characteristics:


1.  Low thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity is an important indicator to measure the performance of rock wool panel. The smaller the thermal conductivity, the less energy is transferred through the material, and the better the thermal insulation performance of the thermal insulation rock wool panel.


2. Hgh sound absorption coefficient. The sound absorption effect of the thermal insulation rock wool panel mainly depends on the density of the rock wool panel per unit area. The higher the density, the better the sound absorption effect.


3. Low hygroscopicity. After most thermal insulation materials absorb water, their thermal insulation effect will be significantly reduced, because water has a high thermal conductivity. Therefore, customers are advised to choose waterproof rock wool panel.

SUZHOU PHARMA can provide to meet the requirements of various industries such as:

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

Aerospace and Automotive Industry

Research, Biotechnology, Medical Devices

Tablet and Capsule Production Line

Large infusion syrup and oral liquid production line

Antibiotic and powder filling production line

Ampoule production line

Cold Air Drying Candy Coating Machine

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