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Room Water Supply Requirements

Room Water Supply Requirements


In addition to this specification, the construction of water supply and drainage, fire-fighting facilities, gas power, electrical lighting, etc. in the clean room should also comply with the current national standards code for construction and acceptance of heating and sanitation engineering gbj242, code for construction and acceptance of industrial pipeline engineering gbj235, code for construction and acceptance of field equipment and industrial pipeline welding engineering gbj236 Code for construction and acceptance of electrical equipment installation engineering gbj232 and code for construction and acceptance of industrial automation instrumentation engineering gbj93.


The water supply and drainage pipes and gas power pipes passing through the walls and floors of the clean room shall be provided with sleeves. The pipe sections in the sleeves shall not have joints, and the pipes and sleeves must be sealed with non combustible and dust-free sealing materials.


The pipes of exposed or concealed electrical conduits shall be made of incombustible materials, and the pipe orifice of the conduit in the clean room shall be sealed with dust-free sealing materials.


The insulation layer on the outer surface of the pipeline in the clean room should be made of non combustible or non combustible insulation materials that do not produce dust, and the protective layer should be made of metal protective shell. For the biological clean room, the gap of the pipe protective shell should be waterproof and sealed, and the material of the protective shell should be resistant to the erosion of disinfectants.


The strength test, air tightness test, vacuum test and leakage test of water supply and drainage pipelines and gas power pipelines shall be carried out in accordance with relevant specifications when there are no requirements in the design.


The installation of water, gas and electricity systems shall be closely coordinated with other projects, constructed in strict accordance with the procedures, and meet the requirements of Appendix II.

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