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Bearing box/housing

Bearing box/housing


Bearing box, is a kind of supporting and lubricating bearing role box parts. At the same time, it bears the axial and radial forces generated by the equipment at work. In equipment with rotating shafts, shafts are generally supported by bearings to rotate, and bearings are installed in bearing boxes, which are also divided into water-cooled bearing boxes and oil-cooled bearing boxes. The various forces that the shaft receives at work will also be transmitted to the bearing box, which carries the load. The material of the bearing box is generally cast iron and cast steel.


Bearing seatis a kind of large and extra-large bearing seat that can accept comprehensive load and special structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation and convenient maintenance of the device. Where there is a bearing, there is a support point, the inner support point of the bearing is the shaft, and the outer support is often said to be the bearing seat. Because a bearing can choose different bearing seat, and a bearing seat can choose different types of bearings at the same time, so there are many varieties of bearing seat. Many foreign large bearing companies also have their own bearing seat type record.


Bearing boxes can be divided into 4 types, 1. Standard type, 2. Adjustable/small opening type, 3. Flange type, 4. Open mouth type

1. Standard type: several techniques for installing with clasp and fixed plate. Bearing jacket deformation caused by positioning screws should be avoided

2. Adjustable/small opening type: the bearing is perpendicular to the opening of the bearing box.

3. Flange type: the installation of linear bearings, bearing box hole accuracy needs to be accurate

4. Open-mouth type: if there is a suitable bearing seat, make the open-mouth type big, the gap can be adjusted, and even the preload can be reduced.


In addition, the bearing seat and bearing box are not the same thing.

There is only one bearing in the bearing seat, and a plurality of bearings are placed in the bearing box, which is a box part that supports and lubricates the bearing.

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