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How To Choose PVC Flooring

How To Choose PVC Flooring


PVC floor is a relatively popular new type of floor material. PVC floor material resin is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly floor, non-toxic, harmless, fire-retardant and flame-retardant. Compared with ordinary floors, this kind of floor has many aspects such as environmental protection, aesthetics and practicality.


In addition, the floor is produced using PVC material, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, that is, plastic, plastic is formaldehyde-free. Usually, PVC floors will have a slight smell, which is not formaldehyde, and will gradually dissipate after paving for a period of time.


For example

The floor used in the hospital requires a series of basic requirements such as wear resistance, stain resistance, antibacterial, environmental protection, fire prevention, safety, and sound insulation;


For the clean room, a series of basic requirements such as wear resistance, stain resistance, shock absorption, fire resistance and applicability of the floor should be considered;


For the clean room of electronic products and the clean room of electronic accessories, it is necessary to have the floor with anti-static requirements. In the case of ensuring the floor is wear-resistant, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, clean and easy to clean, the floor must be guaranteed to not generate static electricity.


Different places need to use different PVC floors. To choose PVC floor, you must first know the functionality of the place to be used. For the floor requirements, you must ensure the main function of the place of use, and choose a suitable floor according to the requirements.


PVC floor is divided into coil floor and sheet floor. Under normal circumstances, coil floor is more suitable for use in places with high ground cleanliness requirements, such as clean rooms, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, etc.;


Choice of color: PVC floor has rich colors, because the color of PVC floor is printed, so no matter which manufacturer, the floor produced, even if it is a type of floor, the floor of different production batches has color difference , the floor color of a production batch should be similar.


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