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While Installation Is In Progress

While Installation Is In Progress


In the Golden Autumn of September, we not only welcomed new project orders, but also started more installation of clean rooms. When customers received the goods, we will arrange the stowage and list of the products in advance, so that customers can find the location of each kind of goods as soon as they receive the containers, and can easily list the quantity to make the basic preparation before installation.


As you can see, the customer's current factory is in good condition. The floor in the area where the clean room is needed is very flat and smoothly ; the roof of the factory is very strong. It's a great foundation for our clean room construction, and we can easily carry out our subsequent installation (because the state of the factory is the key to determine whether the clean room is smoothly installed).


Let's look forward to the success of the customer’s clean room.


If you need to build a clean room, please feel free to contact us .

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