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Capsule Filling Machine Arrival And Reception

Capsule Filling Machine Arrival And Reception


Nowdays,from last month,Our machines had arrived to our customers after isolated,

So it is a problem about how to test then and how to avoid unnecessary lost,

So this week we will tell how to do the arrival and reception

I. Preparation before acceptance of instruments and equipment

1.1After arrival of instruments and equipment, the laboratory shall arrange or train full-time technicians to get familiar with the technical data provided by the manufacturer.

1.2 For precision and valuable instruments and large equipment, special personnel shall be assigned to prepare for the test conditions according to the requirements of purchased instruments and equipment on environmental conditions.

1.3 In the process of transporting to the designated location of the laboratory, relevant personnel shall do a good job in management and supervision to prevent accidents during the transportation.

2. Check whether the internal and external packaging is in good condition, whether there is damage, deformation, collision wound, rain wetting and other losses, and whether the mark, name and model on the packaging box are the same as the purchased brand.

3. Unpacking inspection 3.1. Check the identification of equipment: (1) manufacturer (2) product name (3) product model or mark (4) main technical parameters (5) rated voltage (V), additional frequency (HZ) Input current (A) (6) Delivery date and number of goods (7) Trademark marking 3.2. Check whether the data that should be carried in the packaging box are complete: (1) Product certificate (2) Product manual (3) Packing list (4) Warranty card (5) Other relevant technical data 3.3. Check whether the appearance of instrument equipment and accessories is damaged, and do a good job on the site, When problems are found, photos should be taken to retain evidence


Acceptance and initial inspection

1. Quantity acceptance (1) Based on the supply contract and packing list, check the specification, model, configuration and quantity of the host and accessories, and gradually check them. (Any instrument with qualified installation can only be unpacked for acceptance in the presence of the installation personnel of the supplier) (2) Carefully check whether the accompanying data are complete, such as instrument instructions, operating procedures, maintenance manuals, product inspection certificates, etc. (3) The quantity acceptance record shall be made, indicating the arrival date, acceptance place, time, participants, box number, product name, and quantity to be arrived and actually arrived. 2. Quality acceptance (1) The installation, commissioning and test run shall be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions and procedures of the contract terms, instrument instructions and operation manuals. (2) According to the instrument manual, carefully test various technical parameters to check whether the technical indicators and performance of the instrument meet the requirements. (3) The quality acceptance shall be carefully recorded. If the instrument has quality problems, the supplier shall be informed of the details in writing. Decide whether to return, replace or require the manufacturer to send personnel for maintenance as the case may be




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