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Gzlyz5 Vacuum Freezing Dryer

Gzlyz5 Vacuum Freezing Dryer


Hello Everyone, Welcome To: (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.).

Today I Will Introduce You a Very Successful Machine,

Gzlyz5 Vacuum Freezing Dryer

1. Main Purpose And Applicable Range


Vacuum Frozen Dryer Mainly Using For Material Drying, Which Is One Of Drying Method, Aim As Stock Material.


Product Damaged, Spoiled Mainly Due To External Factors Such As Air, Water, Temperature, Biological And Internal Factors Such As Their Metabolism And Other Biological Substances Play a Role. Such As The External, Internal And To Minimize The Role, The Product In a Certain Period Of Time Remains Unchanged.


Drying Function Is For Get Rid Of Material’s Contained Water, Reduce Inner Water Content In a Certain Degree, Keep The Creature Difficult Or Can Not Growing, Avoid Chemical Reaction From Acid Or Alkali Solute In Water Caused Degeneration. There Have Many Methods For Drying, Such As Sun-Drying, Bake-Drying, Boil-Drying, Air-Drying, Spray Drying, Vacuum Drying And Freeze Drying; Freeze Drying Is The Ideal Method For Stock Living Creature.


Freeze Drying Is Freezing Target Material In Cryogenic Temperature, Dehydration And Sublimation In Vacuum Condition, Using Condensation To Catch The Sublimation Of Water Vapor, And Then Achieve The Drying Purpose.


After Freeze Drying, The Product Will Be Sealed Under Vacuum Condition And Isolate From The Air Completely, Especially Oxygen, So That The Product Could Be Stocked For Long Time Under Cryogenic Temperature.


After Freeze Drying‘s Material, Enzymatic Effect Is Very Weak, Original Physical And Chemical Property Almost Don’t Change, After Dehydration, The Material Present Its Porosity Structure, Volume Not Changed, After Adding Water, Could Recover At Once. After Freeze Drying, The Material Can Be Stored For Several Years Without Deterioration


Vacuum Freeze-Drying Machine For Heat-Sensitive Biological Products Such As Vaccines, Serums, Vaccine, Blood Plasma, Drugs And Health Products, Food Can Be Freeze-Dried Material Dry.


This Machine Has Sip And Cip Capabilities Steam Sterilization Vacuum Freeze-Drying Machine, In Each Case After The Production Of Freeze-Dried, To Sterilized The Drying Chamber And Water Capturer In Full Compliance With Gmp



The Above Is The Main Purpose And Applicable Range Of Gzlyz5 Vacuum Freezing Dryer

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