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What Are The Customs Requirements Of Different Countries?

What Are The Customs Requirements Of Different Countries?


Different countries have different requirements and regulations on the import and export of goods. We must understand the import and export details of each country to avoid problems at critical times. What regulations need attention?


This chapter Suzhou Pharma will introduce the special requirements of customs in the world.


Countries where wooden packaging needs to be fumigated

Australia, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Panama


Countries requiring certificate of origin

Cambodia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka


Countries reporting AMS

USA, Canada, Mexico, Philippines

Among them, the ISF declaration of the United States must be provided to the United States Customs 48 hours before the ship's departure, otherwise there will be a fine of USD 5000, AMS fee of USD 25/ticket, and an amendment of USD 40/ticket. Since July 1, 2016, all goods imported into the Philippines must be declared AMS in advance. In addition to the original EBS in the Philippines, CIC will pay an additional AMS surcharge. Goods arriving in the Philippines are required to declare AMS in advance


Countries to declare ENS

For all EU member states, the ENS fee is US $25-35/ticket


Customs regulations of various countries



Finally, the consignee must have the right to receive goods from the import and export department, otherwise, it is impossible to clear the customs for import.



a. Only three originals of the full set of bills of lading are accepted and cannot be modified. The bill of lading must show the freight amount (only USD or Euro can be used). The "TOORDER" bill of lading is not accepted. The bill of lading must show the consignee's contact information (phone number and address);

b. The CNPJ number of the consignee must be displayed on the bill of lading (the consignee must be a registered company), and the consignee must be a company registered at the destination customs;




The Australian Port Authority stipulates that when the goods are imported in wooden cases, their wood shall be fumigated and the fumigation certificate shall be sent to the consignee. If there is no wood fumigation certificate, the wooden box will be removed and burned, and the cost of changing the packaging will be borne by the shipper.



A. To declare the AMS bill of lading, it is required to display the commodity code, and provide AMS data and packing list invoice;

B. Notify indicates the third party notifier, generally the freight forwarding company or CONSIGNEE's agent;

C. Display the real shipper and the real consignee;

D. The product name cannot display the general name, but should display the detailed product name;

E. Number of packages: the detailed number of packages is required to be displayed. For example, there are 50 cases of goods in 1PALLET;

F. The bill of lading should show the origin of the goods.




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