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Today (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.) Introduces The Working Method Of (Turbulent Flow)

Today (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.) Introduces The Working Method Of (Turbulent Flow)


The air enters the clean room from the air-conditioning box through the air duct and the air filter (HEPA) in the clean room, and is returned by the partition wall panels or raised floors on both sides of the clean room. The airflow is in a state of irregular turbulence or eddy current due to non-linear motion. This type is suitable for clean room class 1,000-100,000.

Definition: A clean room in which the airflow is not parallel at a non-uniform velocity, with backflow or eddy currents.

Features: The turbulent clean room relies on multiple ventilations to achieve cleanliness and cleanliness. The number of air changes determines the purification level in the definition (the more air changes, the higher the purification level)

(1) Self-cleaning time: refers to the time when the clean room starts to supply air to the clean room according to the designed ventilation times, and the indoor dust concentration reaches the designed purification level. Level 1,000 should not exceed 20 minutes (minutes) (15 minutes can be calculated) Level 10,000 should not exceed 30 minutes (minutes) (calculated by 25 minutes) Level 100,000 should not exceed 40 minutes (minutes) (30 minutes can be calculated)

(2) The number of air changes (designed according to the above self-cleaning time requirements) 1,000 class 43.5-55.3 times/hour (standard: 50 times/hour) 10,000 class 23.8-28.6 times/hour (standard: 25 times/hour) 100,000 class 14.4-19.2 times /hour (norm: 15 times/hour)

Advantages: simple structure, system construction cost, and easy expansion of clean room. In some special-purpose places, dust-free workbench can be used together to improve the level of clean room.

Disadvantages: The fine dust particles caused by turbulent flow are not easy to be discharged in the indoor space, and it is easy to pollute the process products. In addition, if the system is stopped and reactivated, it often takes a long time to achieve the required cleanliness.

The above introduction is about how the (clean room) turbulent flow works.

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