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What Are The Plates Used In The Clean Room?

What Are The Plates Used In The Clean Room?


Clean room color steel plate, which we usually call purification plate or clean plate, is a composite plate formed by the combination of color steel plate as surface material and rock wool, glass wool, paper honeycomb, ceramic aluminum plate and glass magnesium plate as core material. It is specially used for the partition wall and ceiling of clean room and dust-free workshop. It has the characteristics of dust prevention, antibacterial, corrosion resistance, rust prevention and anti-static, which makes the purification plate widely used in medical treatment, electronics, food In the field of purification engineering with high environmental requirements, such as scientific research clean rooms such as biopharmaceuticals and precision instruments. Due to its special purpose, the requirements are more stringent than ordinary composite color steel plate. In contrast, ordinary color steel plate is not suitable for these modern high-tech industries, because the double-sided steel plate of ordinary color steel plate is only coated with a layer of color paint, which may rust and dust over a long time. Therefore, ordinary color steel plate can only be used as movable board room, color steel board room, external wall insulation and other plant buildings and thermal insulation systems with low requirements.

According to the classification of manufacturing process, purified color steel plate is divided into manual purified color steel plate and mechanism purified color steel plate; According to the different intermediate core materials, the common ones are:


1. Rock wool purification board

A "sandwich" structural plate compounded with special adhesive. It belongs to a clean board with strong fire prevention effect, which can be blocked on four sides, and stiffeners are added in the middle of the board to make the board surface more flat and have higher strength. It has beautiful surface, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and earthquake resistance, and the fire protection performance meets the national standards.

2. Paper honeycomb purification board

The flame retardancy is grade B1 (only carbonization but no combustion), with high rigidity, high strength, strong bearing capacity, good thermal insulation and sound insulation effect, strong flame retardancy and no toxic components. Paper honeycomb sandwich panel is a real green environmental protection product. The product has the advantages of good flame retardant performance, anti-static, no dust, good overall rigidity and so on. In case of fire, no toxic substances are produced, and the waste can be completely recycled. It is a replacement product of polystyrene board, polyurethane, rock wool and other materials.

3. Glass magnesium purification plate

Commonly known as magnesium oxide sandwich panel, it is a new type of non combustible decoration material made of magnesium cementitious material with stable performance, which is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and water ternary system through configuration and addition of modifier, with medium alkaline glass fiber mesh as reinforcing material and light material as filler. Processed by special production process, it has the characteristics of fire prevention, waterproof, tasteless, non-toxic, non freezing, non-corrosive, non cracking, invariable, non combustible, high fire resistance rating, good compressive strength, high strength and light weight, convenient construction and long service life.

4. Aluminum honeycomb purification board

The core material of aluminum honeycomb manual board can be inorganic (glass magnesium board, gypsum board), aluminum honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb + glass magnesium board, etc., and the two sides can be made of color coated board, galvanized, stainless steel and other special materials. The aluminum plate is made of non combustible material. Honeycomb panel is a pure aluminum product, which does not volatilize any gas harmful to human body, is non radioactive and can be completely recycled. The fire rating is class A, and the galvanized sheet cold drawn frame or plastic steel frame is adopted around. The surface is beautiful, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and earthquake resistance, and the fire performance meets the national standards.

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