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Common Faults Of Single Punch Tablet Machine - Machine Not Running Well

Common Faults Of Single Punch Tablet Machine - Machine Not Running Well


2. machine not running well

Fault condition:

Generally, it doesn't work well

Cause of failure:

The friction surface of moving parts lacks oil, enters dirt, rusts, is seriously worn, and the matching of mechanical parts is poor

Fault prevention and treatment:

Regularly check all parts, keep clean and lubricate the friction surfaces of all moving parts. Lubrication is an important link to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong the service life. In particular, if the main moving parts are damaged quickly and cannot be used in case of lack of oil, therefore, the tablet press must add lubricating oil to all oil cups, oil holes and friction surfaces before use, and operate empty to make all friction surfaces covered with oil film, and then it can be put into use. In the future, each shift shall refuel on time, but do not refuel too much each time, so as not to overflow, affect the cleaning and contaminate the tablets. In case of any defect, it shall be repaired immediately, so as not to deteriorate and damage the machine.

Fault condition:

Heavy or obstructed when ascending

Cause of failure:

(1) the surface of the die is not smooth or worn; Or due to improper batching and granulation, the powder adheres to the surface of the punch and the middle die, increasing the sheet resistance.

(2) the lifting cam is seriously worn or sundries enter

(3) improper adjustment causes the lower punch rod to grind with the middle die when it rises.

Fault prevention and treatment:

(1) check the die. If there is die sticking, repair the die or reprocess the medicine according to the situation.

(2) check and repair, keep clean and lubricated.

(3) pay attention during adjustment


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