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Common Faults Of Single Punch Tablet Machine - Jacking

Common Faults Of Single Punch Tablet Machine - Jacking


1. Jacking

Fault condition:

After the upper punch enters the middle die, the machine stops running

Cause of failure:

(1) the pressure is adjusted too much; The tablets are too hard

(2) repeated feeding

(3) the eccentric wheel shell and the main shaft hole are short of oil, and the rotation resistance is too large, even seriously worn, resulting in "seizure"

(4) the belt is too loose

(5) improper starting position

(6) insufficient hand shaking force

Fault prevention and treatment:

(1) the pressure should be adjusted gradually, not too much at one time, and the tablets should not be pressed too hard

(2) avoid repeated feeding. See article 7 (overlapping pieces)

(3) always keep lubrication. If it has been seriously worn or "bitten", it must be disassembled and repaired immediately.

(4) adjust the belt, and adjust the belt tightness: adjust it through two adjusting nuts on the electromechanical base plate. Pay attention to locking after adjustment. (5) whether the tablet is pressed manually or electrically, the upper punch rod shall be in the rising position before starting. If the upper punching plate is started when it is in the falling position, it will enter the middle molding plate just at the beginning of starting. At this time, because the rotating speed of the machine has not risen and the inertia is small, it is easy to push the car. (that is, after the upper punch enters the middle mold, the machine will be "jacked up" due to the resistance of the tablets, so that the machine will stop running. Due to the large load during jacking, the machine analysis will be damaged or the motor will be burned).

(6) the manual tablet pressing must be relatively hard when starting or when the upper punch passes through the lowest point.

(7) treatment method after jacking:

(1) in case of jacking during electric tablet pressing, turn off the power immediately to avoid burning the motor.

(2) when the jacking condition is light, turn the hand wheel manually to make the upward impact pass through the "dead center" (but it cannot be reversed to avoid repeated feeding of the feeder and more serious jacking).

(3) in case of serious jacking, loosen the locking nut of the connecting rod, turn the upper punch rod to make it rise to reduce the pressure, and then turn the hand wheel to eject the tablets. Then readjust the hardness of the tablets.


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