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The Correct Order Of Wearing Cleanroom Clothing

The Correct Order Of Wearing Cleanroom Clothing


The Correct Order Of Wearing Cleanroom Clothing


Clean room (also known as cleanroom): A room with a controlled concentration of airborne particles.lts construction and usage should reduce indoor inducement and generation of retained particles.other relevant indoor parameters such as temperature, hunidty, pressure, etc. are controlled as required. it should be pointed out that the clean room can not completely eliminate the pollution, but control it at an acceptable level.


In order to better control the clean room, the first step is to wear clean clothes correctly. Below we will introduce how to wear clean clothes correctly.


Clean clothes wearing and order:


1. Remove the sterilized clean suit from the hook.

2. Take off your clothes and change your shoes, and stand on the pedals.

3. Take the mask out of the clean bag and put on the mask.

4. Take the net cap out of the clean bag and wear the net cap.

5. Take the two-piece clean clothes out of the clean bag, put on the clean clothes pants first, then put on the top and hat, pay attention that the clean clothes should not touch the ground or wall. Unzip the clean suit.

6. Take out the clean socks and put on clean socks. Remove the second shift shoes from the shoe cabinet, put the first shift shoes into the lower layer of the shoe cabinet, and arrange the clothes, hats and masks.


The scope of use of dust-free clothing:


1. Used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, color tubes, semiconductors, precision machinery and precision technology industries.

2. Clean workshops in plastics, painting, hospitals, environmental protection and other industries, with a variety of colors and specifications suitable for different anti-static or clean environments



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