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Tdp-1.5 Tdp5 Refueling Position And Times

Tdp-1.5 Tdp5 Refueling Position And Times


Model: tdp-1.5 tdp-5

Maximum tablet pressing pressure: 15kn 50kN

Maximum tablet diameter: 12mm φ 16mm profiled φ 22mm

Maximum filling depth: 12mm

Maximum tablet thickness: 6mm

Production capacity: 6000 pieces / h 6000 pieces / h

Motor: 0.55kw 0.75kw

Overall dimension: 670x470x750mm 750x500x700mm

Host weight: 90kg 125kg

No. Refueling position Lubricating oil added Refueling times per shift
1Oil cup of spindle hole (2 pieces)butter2-3 times
21 eccentric housing oil cupbutter2-3 times
31 axle oil cupbutter2-3 times
4Lifting cam groove (i.e. inner groove of big gear)butterCheck the groove surface every shift, wipe off the dirt and add butter once
Filling the groove of the cambutterCheck each shift and refuel as appropriate
6Gear tooth surfacebutterCheck each shift and refuel as appropriate
7Oil hole on connecting rodengine oilOnce
8Swing fulcrum of leverengine oilOnce
9Surface of upper punch rodengine oil2 times
10Surface of lifting rodengine oil2 times

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