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Purified Air Conditioning System

Purified Air Conditioning System


In last week we talked about how to calculate the clean room air conditioning system power,so this week we going to further that to introduce what is the air conditioning and how do they work!


Before the installation of high-efficiency filter, the clean room must be completely cleaned and wiped. If there is dust in the purification air-conditioning system, it should be cleaned and wiped again to meet the cleaning requirements. If the high efficiency filter is installed in the technical interlayer or ceiling, the technical interlayer or ceiling shall also be fully cleaned and wiped.

After the clean room and purified air conditioning system meet the cleaning requirements, the purified air conditioning system must be commissioned. After continuous operation for more than 12h, the high-efficiency filter shall be installed immediately after cleaning and wiping the clean room again.

The high efficiency filter shall be transported and stored in the direction marked by the manufacturer. Handle with care during transportation to prevent severe vibration and collision.

Before the installation of high efficiency filter, the package must be unpacked at the installation site for appearance inspection, including whether the filter paper, sealant and frame are damaged; Whether the side length, diagonal and thickness meet the requirements; Whether the frame has burrs and rust spots (gold frame); Whether there is product certificate and whether the technical performance meets the design requirements. Then conduct leak detection. (see Appendix VI and I) those passing the inspection and leak detection shall be installed immediately. During installation, the resistance of each filter shall be reasonably adjusted. For one-way flow, the difference between the rated resistance of each filter and the average resistance of each filter on the same air outlet or air supply surface shall be less than 5%.

High efficiency filters in clean rooms with a cleanliness level equal to or higher than 100 shall be leak tested according to the methods.


The frame for installing the high efficiency filter shall be flat. The allowable flatness deviation of the installation frame of each high efficiency filter shall not be greater than 1mm.

The packing surface, filter frame surface, frame surface and liquid tank must be wiped clean when the sealing between the high-efficiency filter and the frame adopts the methods of gasket, self-adhesive, negative pressure sealing, liquid tank sealing and double ring sealing.

When the sealing gasket is used, the thickness of the gasket shall not exceed 8mm, and the compression ratio shall be 25% ~ 30%. When the liquid tank is used for sealing, the liquid level in the liquid tank shall meet the design requirements, and there shall be no leakage at the joints of the frame. When the double ring sealing strip is used, do not block the eyelet on the ring cavity when pasting the sealing strip; Both double ring seal and negative pressure seal must keep the negative pressure pipeline unblocked.

When installing the high efficiency filter, the arrow on the outer frame shall be consistent with the direction of air flow. When it is installed vertically, the crease joint of the filter paper shall be perpendicular to the ground.

Section V installation of air conditioner

When installing the air conditioner, the interior of the equipment shall be cleaned and wiped to remove dust, sundries and oil stains.

The door frame of the equipment inspection door shall be flat, and the sealing gasket shall meet The air conditioner joints of the purified air conditioning system shall be sealed, and the sealing inspection shall be carried out after installation. The leakage shall be detected and stopped according to Appendix IV "air leakage rate detection method of air conditioners" to measure the air leakage rate. When measuring the air leakage rate, the static pressure in the air conditioner shall be kept at 1000Pa. For systems with cleanliness equal to or higher than 1000, the air leakage rate of air conditioners shall not be greater than 1%; Air leakage rate of air conditioner shall not be greater than 2% for systems with cleanliness lower than 1000.

A differential pressure gauge must be installed before and after the filter, and the differential pressure measuring pipe should be unblocked, tight, free of deformation and cracks.

The condensate discharge pipe of surface cooler shall be equipped with water sealing device and valve. In the season without condensate discharge, the valve shall be closed to ensure that the air conditioner is sealed without air leakage.



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