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Suzhou Pharma Launch a Nationwide Fitness Campaign

Suzhou Pharma Launch a Nationwide Fitness Campaign


In order to make all “SUZHOU PHARMA PERSON” healthier and more energetic, Suzhou Pharma started its first fitness course today.The class lasts one hour,During this period,  experienced fitness instructors for us to carry out professional physical training and movement guidance.This also helped us to establish better cooperation and understanding between our teams,and we do physical training every week.Hope we can lose weight on the basis of health,can also make life full of variety !

Sports is really a kind of enjoyment, enjoy the process of sweating, enjoy the benefits of sports.Sports make people full of vigor and vitality, and also make people younger.Exercise is not only exercise, it also brings you a mood, a mood full of positive energy.


The essence of sports is to make your body better and better. Believe me, you will love this feeling.


Life is movement, health is exercise, dancing active body and mind, running to enhance physical fitness, this is fitness day, looking for happiness in the movement, in the exercise arm health, wish you more exercise, health, happiness to permanent!


Life lies in sports. Let's move with us!


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