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Suzhou Pharma Clean Project Progress

Suzhou Pharma Clean Project Progress


At present,the COVID-19 has been continuing, causing the entire domestic and foreign companies order difficult, shipment difficult, install abroad difficult .


Our Suzhou Pharma clean room projects still continuing, it seems that the COVID-19 did not slow down our pace. We would like to showing some of the recent projects being installed photos.



SUZHOU PHARMA provides professional design, materials production, and installation of cleanrooms. We could provide complete turnkey solutions for projects large and small, also include some government industries


Our customized services include:


Pre-sales -- CAD and 3D layout Design

we have professional engineers matching your process and equipment, customized a solution to meet your timeline and budget.


Production-- Professional production department

We manufactures mainly constructions,including sandwich panels,doors, floors; electric system; HVAC system;air pipeline system...


Shipment--Professional shipping department

The real realization of the customs clearance and declaration documents, Stowage, materials loading integration services.


Installation--Professional installation team

We have domestic and overseas installation team,it can choose according to the requirements.


The installation team can provides complete turnkey installation.

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