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Modular Cleanroom Design And Solutions

Modular Cleanroom Design And Solutions


With the advancement of technology, more countries have strict control over the quality of the products, so more customers will build modular clean rooms. The main function of cleanroom contain: control indoor pollution, if there is no clean room in the factory, it’s impossible to mass-produce pollution-sensitive parts. In FED-STD-2/FS209E(FDA), a clean room is defined as a room with air filtration, distribution, optimization, construction materials and devices, in which specific rules operate to control the concentration of airborne particulates, in order to achieve the appropriate level of particle cleanliness. The degree of cleanliness and the continuous stability of pollution control are the core standards for testing the quality of clean rooms.

The following solution is our company --Suzhou Pharma solution, for our old customers to design the modular (quick-assembly) clean room, its “fastest installation, fastest delivery, fastest shipment” has become one of the most popular products in the market. This clean room is used for the assembly and production of electrical precision components of electrical appliances,and wall,ceiling sandwich panels;electric systems;PVC floors we choose special fireproof and explosion proof series ensure Safety in production. Due to the production equipment is too high, so the height of the clean room we increased to 5m,ensure that the equipment can work smoothly in the clean room. This is a great challenge to the load-bearing capacity of wall panels and ceiling panels, so we choose the highest density of materials + special design stiffeners for this project, so the quality of products without any worries at all.

The clean room is installed efficiently (two engineers can finished in 1-2 days) , it can saving warehouse space, environmental protection and affordable price. In the future,the working area need to expand , it will easily increase some basic cleanroom materials,then you will get big area cleanroom again.

Suzhou Pharma Cleanroom Systems provides design, fabrication, and installation of modular cleanrooms throughout all over the world. We provide complete turnkey services for projects large and small and serve a variety of industries.

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