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What Is A Clean Booth

What Is A Clean Booth


The clean booth is a small clean room with aluminum alloy profile as the frame. The wall is divided into two types, one is soft wall-using anti-static curtain, the other is hard wall-using acrylic board, the top wind and filtration is mainly provided by FFU , the internal purification level can reach 100-10000. It is suitable for areas with high local purification requirements in the operation area.

Advantages of clean booth:

1. The overall use of aluminum alloy profiles as the frame, has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, rust prevention, and beautiful appearance

2. Choose anti-static curtain or acrylic board on the surrounding wall, which has good electrostatic protection effect and high transparency, and you can clearly see the working environment inside.

3. According to the size and cleanliness of the clean booth, single or multiple FFUs can be selected to achieve the required cleanliness.

4. The clean booth has a larger effective space than the clean workbench, and has the advantages of low cost and fast construction compared with the traditional clean room.

5. Easy to move (optional universal wheel), assembled structure design, convenient installation, short delivery period.

6. Modular structure, easy to improve the purification level, strong scalability, and high value of reuse.

The clean booths designed and sold by us have received unanimous praise from customers in various countries. For example, the 10,000-grade clean booth ordered by the business manager Spencer's Singapore customer. After the customer received the goods, he easily built the clean booth, which has been put into use now. He was very satisfied with our clean booth and expressed his willingness to cooperate with us again. At present, Spencer and him have started a new round of negotiations on the new project.

The above is the whole content of the clean booth. If you also want to build a clean area but don't know whether the clean bench is better or the clean booth is more suitable for you, please click "contact us" below, and we will make recommendations according to your needs , welcome your inquiry!

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