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Preparation Before Shipment

Preparation Before Shipment


Last week, we sent four 40 ft containers to customers. This time, we built a clean room nearly 1,000 square meters in African. The products we sent involved mainly include panels, aluminum profiles for clean rooms, stainless steel furniture, precision instruments, air shower room, and transfer window, etc.

After we signed the contract with the customer, we immediately notified our factory for production. During the production process, our goods are followed up by professional quality inspectors, so as to be produced in full accordance with customer requirements.Each item is controlled at various levels. Sales personnel regularly inquire about production progress and give feedback to our customers. 

After the production of the goods is completed, we inspected the goods by another group of quality inspectors. After the goods had no problems, we arranged the packaging of the goods to ensure the good’s quality before packing. Most of the packaging adopts export fumigation-free wooden box packaging or carton packaging, and strictly abides by customs regulations.

Before Shipment, our engineers will draw a load plan for our customers. Each product has its own related location, so that the customer can easily understand the location of each item when receiving the goods.We also purchased a high-value cargo insurance for our customers, so that customers can rest assured.

As an international engineering company, we follow the principle of customer-oriented, quality-oriented, and service-oriented. We have built more than 500 clean rooms all over the world. Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd., your most sincere clean room construction partner. Spring Festival is approaching and our clean room project is being discounted. If you want to build a clean room, you must not miss this opportunity, it’s really a good opportunity to order a clean room! ! !

Please pay attention to our official website and send an inquiry. Our business manager will answer your questions online 24 hours a day. Looking forward to your inquiry!(The following is a detailed map of the inspection)

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