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Pulsating Vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Pulsating Vacuum Pressure Steam Sterilizer


Pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is a medical device that extracts vacuum and fills steam into the sterilization chamber alternately for many times (fill saturated steam after the sterilization chamber reaches a certain vacuum degree), and finally reach the set pressure and temperature, so as to realize the sterilization of high temperature and humidity resistant articles. It is used for damp heat sterilization of medical instruments and surgical instruments and drying treatment after sterilization. According to the volume, it can be divided into large pulsating vacuum sterilizer and small pulsating vacuum sterilizer.

The pulsating vacuum sterilizer uses saturated water vapor as the sterilization medium and adopts the air elimination method of mechanical forced pulsating vacuum. After 3-4 times of vacuumization and steam injection, the air in the inner chamber is forcibly evacuated to make the air elimination amount reach more than 99%, completely eliminate the cold point in the sterilization chamber, completely eliminate the "dead corner" of temperature, and denature and solidify microbial protein under the action of high temperature and high pressure Inactivate to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Through vacuum dehumidification and high-temperature drying at 132 ℃ ~ 134 ℃ through the sterilizer jacket to ensure that the sterilized articles are dry and clean, and the articles are not wet or hot when taken out.


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