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FAQ-Laminar Flow Hood

FAQ-Laminar Flow Hood


What is a laminar flow hood used for?

The clean laminar flow hood is an air purification unit that can provide a local high clean environment. It can be flexibly installed above the process points that require high cleanliness. The clean laminar flow hood can be used alone or combined into a strip-shaped clean area.

How does a laminar flow hood works?

The clean laminar flow hood is to form a uniform flow layer after the air passes through the high-efficiency filter at a certain wind speed, so that the clean air flows in a vertical one-way direction, thus ensuring the high cleanliness required by the process in the working area.A laminar flow hood is one of the devices that shields the operator from the product, and its main purpose is to avoid product contamination.The air drawn from the clean room is passed vertically through the operating area through HEPA filtration using a fan installed in the top pressurized cabin,Provides ISO5 (Class 100) unidirectional air flow to critical areas. Exhaust gases are exhausted from below and returned to the clean room area.

What’s the Laminar flow hood structure?

There are two types of clean laminar flow hoods: built-in fan and external fan. There are two installation methods: suspension type and floor stand type. It is mainly composed of box, fan, high-efficiency air filter, damping layer, lamps and so on.

What’s the laminar flow hood features?

It can be used alone or in combination.Compared with civil or prefabricated class 100 clean room, it has less investment, quick effect, easy installation and low operating cost.The material of the box is made of color steel plate, high-quality steel plate and stainless steel plate for users to choose.

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