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PHARMA CLEAN Vlog——Qianshan Main Peak Climbing Challenge

PHARMA CLEAN Vlog——Qianshan Main Peak Climbing Challenge


Welcome to Suzhou Pharma Machinery daily vlog! Today's video is about league construction activities, Qianshan Main Peak Climbing Challenge.

Before this activity, we divided the members into three groups by drawing lots, climbing the main peak of Qianshan from three different routes, and the team that reached Senrentai firstly won.

The activity is a challenge for everyone. Everyone went through hardships, surpassed themselves, and finally arrived at their destination with everyone. This activity did not involve any members falling behind or giving up, reflecting the excellent tradition of Suzhou Pharma unwavering commitment to the end. Finally, Alice, Kevin, and Mia's team won.

After the hard climb, we had a happy dinner together and celebrated CEO Alan's birthday. Let's wish him a happy birthday together!

In the first quarter of the past, we continued to collaborate with our loyal customers; Also become mutually trusted partners with new customers; We provide turnkey project solutions to customers around the world; I don't know if you remember our continuous delivery site in March and April! We safely delivered purification equipment to customers in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Of course we have received unanimous praise from our customers. They all said that we are rigorous, responsible, diligent and able to provide quality service.

This activity is a summary of the last quarter, and we also use it to start a new phase. We hope that we will continue to grow and provide more customers with the best quality services and products.

Before the arrival of International Labor Day, PHARMA CLEAN used mountain climbing challenges as a way to motivate all employees to be full of fighting spirit and confidence, and overcome various difficulties on the road to success. At the same time, we must unite with those around us, utilize all favorable resources around us, unite as one, and contribute our strength.

Although very tired, we all climbed to the top and gained a lot. As an old saying, Meeting at the top of the mountain, gazing at the small mountains.

Wishing all friends a happy Labor Day!

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