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Air purification equipment for high cleanliness environment——Fan Filter Unit

Air purification equipment for high cleanliness environment——Fan Filter Unit


Description of Fan Filter Unit(FFU)

Fan Filter Unit can control speed in a variety of ways; Operating power consumption is extremely low, effectively reduce costs; Built-in air duct diversion system, reduce noise and pressure loss, increase fan service life and improve fan efficiency; It can be matched with various HEPA/ULPA filter; Suitable for clean room of Class 1-1000; It is especially suitable for assembling ultra-clean production lines with clean sheds, dust-free wardrobes and ultra-clean workbenches, and can be configured for single or multiple sets according to the needs of the process.


Basic parameters and selection of Fan Filter Unit For Clean Room

  • Size:2*4-FFU-1175*575*320         4*4-FFU-1175*1175*320          Need to match the ceiling size

  • Wind speed: 0.35~0.45m/s           The power consumption varies greatly

  • Static pressure:According to the need to overcome wind resistance

  • Filter mesh:According to cleanliness level requirements

  • Motor:According to power supply characteristics, power, bearing life

  • Noise:Meet the noise requirements of clean rooms

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Classification of Fan Filter Unit

FFU can be classified according to a variety of basis, the following introduces several more practical and common classification methods:

  • Classified by box material

It is classified into stainless steel or aluminum alloy, such as standard coated steel plate, 304/201 stainless steel

  • Classified by motor type

It can be divided into AC motor and brushless DC motor. Ac single-phase motor code A1; Ac three-phase motor code A3; The DC brushless motor code is EC.

  • Classified by filter efficiency

H for HEPA filter;U for ULPA;P for Primary filter.


Installation of Fan Filter Unit

Before installation, the clean room must be comprehensively cleaned and wiped, and the clean room should be kept clean and dust-free. All keels have been installed and levelled.

When installing, pay attention to the direction, so that the arrow marking the filter border is outward, that is, the arrow on the outer frame should be consistent with the direction of the air flow.

The edge of the FFU box shall not be pressed on the filter, and it is forbidden to cover the FFU; Do not step FFU into the wind ring.

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The development of modern industry is inseparable from the air cleaning technology, and the air cleaning is inseparable from the purification equipment. FFU is industrial electronics, medicine and biology, cosmetics industry, hospitals, food purification engineering supporting products, Suzhou Pharma supplies you an ideal air cleaning and environmental purification solution. Welcome contact!

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