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Modular Clean Room Features

Modular Clean Room Features


Last week I received an inquiry from our old customer Mary. This time she want to build a small custom modular clean room for dispensing medicine.


As the name implies, a clean room refers to any controlled environment in which the air is filtered to remove limited particles and pollutants from the room. The modular clean room has the same advantages as the traditional clean room, but it is faster to install, more affordable, and easy to reassemble or expand to meet the changing needs of your site.




1. Flexibility: The modular clean room can be assembled, disassembled and moved, and can be reconfigured or upgraded with changes in cleanliness or requirements


2. Cheap and fast installation: Compared with traditional clean rooms, quick-install modular clean rooms can be produced and assembled in a shorter time and at a lower cost.


3. Independent structure: The modular clean room can stand freely without hoisting to the roof.


The modular pharmaceutical clean room is manufactured in accordance with strict protocols and uses the highest quality materials to meet your specific standards. Then, it will be equipped with the correct air filtration and return air system to ensure that your clean room meets GMP standards.


The modular clean room system can be customized according to your needs. We will also design 3D drawings for you, so that you can understand the structure of the clean room in the most intuitive way. If you want to build a modular clean room, please don’t hesitate, click the button below to contact us, and welcome your inquiry at any time.




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