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The First Order Of Suzhou Pharma Novice Sales

The First Order Of Suzhou Pharma Novice Sales


Hello everyone, I'm Alice, a novice salesman. In fact, I work as an assistant in the company. I'm responsible for a series of affairs such as docking with all the business personnel of the company, and reporting exports. One day I suddenly had the idea of trying to do a business, and that's how the story started...


My first order was for two sets of TDP0 molds. At first, I had little knowledge about punch die products. After the company manager Spencer explained, I had a deep understanding of the products.


When I communicated with the customer, I first recommended our company's punch die inventory promotion, and asked the customer if there was a model and design pattern he like. Obviously, the customer has his own ideas. Next, I confirmed the mold design pattern with the customer. After the customer provides the pattern and size, the engineer of our company drew the pattern into a CAD drawing, and then submit the drawing to the customer for confirmation. When the customer confirmed the drawing, he raised some questions, and I answered them. After the customer got a satisfactory response, he immediately paid and placed the order. This is my first order!


The first sales order was completed with the help of the company and colleagues. After that, the order was successfully shipped. After this sales experience, I added a new sales experience without changing my original job, when there are no customers, I will observe how excellent salesmen serve customers and learn from them. When I receive clients by myself, I will find my own problems and solve them to serve clients better.


This is the experience of successfully transforming a business person as an assistant. If you also have ideas to make some changes in your work or life, don't hesitate to try it. Our company is a company full of joy and possibility. If you want to choose an experienced and not rigid company as a partner, please follow us, looking forward to your inquiry.



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