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How To Choose An Air Shower

How To Choose An Air Shower


The air shower is a kind of local strong purification equipment. It is installed between the non-clean area and the clean area to blow off the pollutants and dust on people or objects, which can block and reduce the dust entering the clean area. Also known as clean room air shower room, purification air shower room, blowing shower room, etc., it is a necessary clean passage to the clean room. Before entering the clean room, people or goods need to be showered in the air shower to reduce the pollution caused by entering the clean room.


We produce many kinds of air showers, including single air showers, double air showers, triple air showers, explosion-proof air showers, cargo showers, etc. We have a variety of standard style air showers for you to choose from. In addition, we can also customize the air shower according to the requirements of customers.


The material selection of the air shower is also the main factor determining the price of the air shower. The main materials of the air shower room are: baking paint, outer baking paint and inner stainless steel, all stainless steel and so on. Stainless steel material is resistant to strong acid and alkali. If the site is relatively humid or there is acid and alkali gas, an all-stainless steel air shower should be selected.


If you are interested in our air shower room or other clean room related products, please feel free to contact us and look forward to your inquiry.



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