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Clean Room Sandwich Panels Introduction

Clean Room Sandwich Panels Introduction


The clean room sandwich panel is one of the important building materials for the installation and construction of the clean room project. The clean room panel is a common sandwich panel used in engineering buildings. Compared with the ordinary building sandwich panel, the clean room panel has higher requirements for the material and processing technology of the panel itself, Only in this way can we ensure that the built clean room project meets the designed cleanliness and the acceptance of relevant ISO GMP standards. 

Usually, we use 50mm thick clean sandwich panel, with high-density rock wool panel in the middle and high-strength color steel sprayed steel plate for clean room on both surface sides. High standard clean room sandwich panel is conducive to the rapid construction and high-quality installation and commissioning of the project, ensuring the expected design requirements of the project, longer service life and lower maintenance cost, our clean room panels sell well all over the world, especially in Europe and North America. Our panels have passed the fire protection standard test of European building materials, have test reports, and have obtained CE certification. 

Recently, we have updated our automatic clean room sandwich panel production line, which further improves our panel production process and makes the quality more stable and reliable while rapid production and delivery. In the design, construction and commissioning cycle of clean room project, the rapid delivery of clean room plates can greatly reduce the completion cycle of the whole project. We have completed more than 500 clean room projects all over the world. We have more than 15 years of experience in clean room design, construction and turnkey engineering.

Our company can quickly and efficiently provide clean room turnkey projects, clean room projects, clean room design and clean room construction materials. We have very rich experience in design, production, transportation, construction and commissioning, and can provide customers all over the world with the high-quality services.


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