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Operating Instructions For Weighing Room

Operating Instructions For Weighing Room


Negative pressure weighing room is a kind of partial purification equipment used in places such as pharmacy, microbiological research and scientific experiment. It provides vertical one-way flow, part of the work area is air circulated, and part of the work area is discharged to the nearby area, so that the work area generates negative pressure , To prevent cross-contamination, to ensure the high cleanliness of the work area environment; in the process of weighing and packaging the dust and reagents in the equipment, it can control the overflow and rise of dust and reagents, and prevent the dust and reagents from causing inhalation damage to the human body. At the same time, it also avoids cross-contamination of dust and reagents, and protects the outdoor environment and the safety of indoor personnel.

Operating instructions

1.Initial interface (Figure 1)  


Figure 1

Click system entryEnter the login interfaceFigure 2)

2.Login screen  


Figure 2)

After the password is correct, click OK to enter the main page (Figure 3)

3.Main page


Figure 3

Control principle:

(1): constant speed control, click the STOP button to run the fan, the controller performs PID control according to the set value of wind speed, and automatically adjusts the frequency of air supply frequency converter to stabilize the wind speed at the set value.      

(2):For lighting control, click the LTGHT button to switch it against the bright light.

The system displays the current wind speed and current frequency in real time. 

Parameter setting (Figure 3)

    Click SET to enter the parameter setting screen


1Parameter setting: set the target wind speed, lower wind speed alarm value, upper wind speed alarm value, wind speed correction (support positive and negative), and set the minimum frequency of fan operation.

2Date and time setting


Click the run page time and date to pop up the date and time modification dialog box

Enter the current date and click OK. The time modification is the same.

4、 User management

Click UM to enter the user management interface


(Figure 4)

Click the user name to change the password

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