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Installation Method Of Tdp 5 Single Tablet Press Machine

Installation Method Of Tdp 5 Single Tablet Press Machine


After receiving the single tablet press machine, many people will be eager to power on because they have not been in contact with such equipment before, but we need to remind you that there are still some preparations to be done before power on. Today I will introduce you about the installation of single tablet press machine.


1. The tablet press is installed on a solid wooden workbench (or on a cement workbench) and fixed with three pairs of M12 anchor screws. The size paper from the worktable to the ground is about 600mm (it is easy to operate by hand). In order to facilitate disassembly and repair, there should also be a hole with a diameter of about 35 mm on the wooden workbench corresponding to the position piece of the lower punching core phase rod.

2. Connect the ground wire of the motor before connecting the power supply of the motor to ensure safety. Then remove the V-belt, turn on the motor power, start the motor and observe whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct (the rotation direction of the motor shaft should be opposite to the direction of the arrow on the protective cover or handwheel). If the rotation direction is wrong, connect another wire, and then install the V-belt


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