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Importance Of Dust Particle Counter To Clean Room

Importance Of Dust Particle Counter To Clean Room


In the production of drugs, the existence of particles, especially dust particles, will directly affect the quality of drugs and endanger people's life safety. Clinical data show that if drugs are polluted by 0.7 ~ 2um dust particles, especially intravenous drugs, it can lead to heat source reaction, pulmonary arteritis, microthrombosis or foreign body granuloma, and serious cases will cause death.

In the clean room, the dust particle calculator can play an important role. When using the dust particle counter, what are the precautions?

1. Before the operation of the dust particle counter, self purification shall be carried out according to its requirements.

2. When the inlet pipe is covered or blocked, do not start the counter to avoid damaging the vacuum pump.

3. During the operation of the dust particle counter, the cleanliness of the surrounding environment should be maintained to reduce the damage to the laser sensor.

4. Do not sample compressed air without high-pressure decompression equipment. All particle counters should be operated at one atmospheric pressure.

5. Avoid measuring mixed gases that may produce reactions (such as hydrogen and oxygen), which may explode in the counter.

6. Water, solution or other liquids cannot enter the sensor from the inlet pipe.

7. During the operation of the dust particle counter, if you need an external printer or connect an external temperature and humidity sensor, you need to turn off the counter first; When performing printing operation, there must be printing paper on the printer, otherwise the print head will be damaged.

8. The dust particle counter should be handled with care during operation to avoid damage to the instrument.


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