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How To Plan a 12 Square Meter Clean Room?

How To Plan a 12 Square Meter Clean Room?


The 12-square-meter modular clean room can be widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, precision, and food industries. Today, let's take the drug analysis laboratory 3×4  square meter as an example.


The clean grade of the clean room is controlled by the filtration system. In the modular clean room, we usually use the fan filter unit which is easy to install and maintain, and its quantity directly determines the clean grade.how many sets to use? The area and height of the room, the number of air changes, and these three data are used to determine the air volume required for the clean room. The standard size of FFU is 1175*575*320mm, and the air volume is 1000m3/h (or 1200m3/h)

Another two specifications are 575*575*320mm, 1175*1175*320mm

In addition to the high-efficiency filter, we are also equipped with a primary filter, which can increase the service life of the high-efficiency filter when used together.


The temperature and humidity of the clean room are controlled by the HVAC(or air conditioner). The temperature requirements of products in different industries are different, which requires specific analysis of specific situations. In the latest 12-square-meter clean room design, the design of air-conditioning air supply is simpler than the traditional design, and it saves space and more energy-efficient.

We have made a space-integrated design for the top air supply, which is very suitable for small, modular laboratories.


When the space is limited but the air shower room must be installed, how to design it?

We moved the space of the air shower into the interior of the clean room, which is a good choice when the indoor space is sufficient. If there is no air shower room, if people enter directly, it will bring external pollution. Even if the cleanliness of the clean room is high, it cannot blow away the dust on the staff.

Therefore, in order to meet the GMP standard, the air shower room is an indispensable equipment.

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