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About The Problem Of Little White In The Clean Room

About The Problem Of Little White In The Clean Room


1. How do people and goods enter and exit the clean room?


People and goods enter and exit through different entrances and exits.

The staff shall enter and exit through the air shower or no air shower, and wear protective equipment, such as headgear, mask, gloves, boots and protective clothing. This is to minimize and block particles carried by people entering the clean room.Goods will enter and leave the clean room through the cargo shower room.


2. Is there anything special about the clean room design?


The selection of clean room building materials should not produce any particles, so the overall epoxy or polyurethane floor coating is preferred. Use polished stainless steel or powder coated mild steel sandwich partition board and ceiling board. Right angle corner, corner to floor and corner to ceiling shall be avoided by bending the surface. All joints shall be sealed with epoxy sealant to avoid any particle deposition or generation at the joints. The equipment in the clean room is designed to produce minimal air pollution. Use only special mops and buckets. Clean room furniture should also be designed to produce minimum particles and be easy to clean.


3. How to choose the right disinfectant?


First, environmental analysis shall be carried out to confirm the microbial type of pollution through environmental monitoring. The next step is to determine which disinfectant can kill a known number of microorganisms. To kill microorganisms in the clean room, there are generally two types of disinfectant rotation mechanisms: ① one disinfectant and one sporicide, and ② two disinfectants and one sporicide. After the disinfection system is determined, the germicidal efficacy test can be carried out to provide a basis for the selection of disinfectants.



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