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About The Use And Classification Of Clean Room

About The Use And Classification Of Clean Room


Hello everyone, welcome to come: (Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.).

Today, I will explain to you the purpose and classification of the dust -free room.


Use classification

⑴, industrial dustless room


-The object of control of life particles. It mainly controls the pollution of air dust particles to work objects, and generally maintains positive pressure internally. It is suitable for the precision machinery industry, electronics industry (semiconductor, integrated circuit, etc.), high -purity chemistry industry, atomic energy industry, optical product industry (disc, film, tape production) LCD (LCD glass), computer hard disk, computer magnetic head Multiple industries such as production.


⑵, the creature no dust room

It mainly controls the pollution of the working objects of life particles (bacteria) and no life particles (dust). Can be divided into;


A. Generally, there is no dust room, which mainly controls the pollution of microorganisms (bacterial) objects. At the same time, its internal materials should be eroded by various sterilizers, and the internal pressure is generally guaranteed. In essence, its internal materials should be able to withstand the industrial dust -free rooms of various sterilization treatment. Example: Foods, cosmetics, beverage products, animal laboratories, physical and chemical inspection rooms, blood stations, etc. in pharmaceutical industry, hospital (operating room, sterile ward).


B. Biological safety and dust -free room: The main control of the working object is the pollution of life particles to the outside world and humans. Keep negative pressure with the atmosphere inside. Example: bacterial, biology, clean laboratory, object engineering (reorganization gene, vaccine preparation).


The above is about the use and classification of the dust -free room.

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