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Happy New Year And Updates About Co2 Machine Shipping To Swiss!

Happy New Year And Updates About Co2 Machine Shipping To Swiss!


Hello Everybody,Hope you had fun in the Christmas day and happy new year.

Below are the shipping pictures we are loading the goods to the track drove from Shanghai seaport.We all very happy that the goods goes successfully,Because it soon also will be longest holiday for Chinese in China,and soon the shipping will stop.

And below are the shipping pictures we share to you and we can introduce to you how the machine work and somethings need to care about.

The Co2 supercritical extraction machine are mostly work for separate the oil from dry biomass plants and herbs.The most important advantage of our machine is we use 2 pump system to run the machine.Machine can always 2 kettle working and third one to load and unloading the hemp.That mean machine always processing 200L material.But others factories machine only 1 kettle or 3 together working and it is very slow. And the machine pump is the most easy break part.Even we used best pump in China it still will occur many problems.                          

But Our two pump system can alone or at the same time working.So even there will be one pump stop work and another can work still. 


If use others machine when the pump occur can only wait.The pump delivery time is 6 months and also need 2 moths shipping.The lost of stop work are can not image.

We all use U.S.A professional brand TESCOM as the machine balance Valve.TESCOM pressure valve will be easy break when customer no any 

This is the valve produced in U.S.A we special import it because the valve with very high accuracy to control the pressure change.And all the Pipe valve parts we all used SUS 304 Material to make sure the system strength and safety.

We changed the pump to be the Shengyang Double ring pump.This is the best pump in China.The pump cooling parts all use SUS 304 Stainless Steel.And the pump stick with all ceramic material instead of ceramic painting or steel stick.The strength and wear resistance is best in world. And the cost also is 3-7 times price as others brand high pressure pump.

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