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Features Of Clean Room Purification Lamp

Features Of Clean Room Purification Lamp


Today, Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co., Ltd.,Introduce to you, the characteristics of LED purification lights.LED purification light is an air purifier with light, which is the perfect combination of innovative wisdom and high technology. It produces a large amount of negative ions while lighting. In nature, plant photosynthesis, waterfalls, thunderstorms and lightning can produce negative air ions. The air containing negative ions makes breathing comfortable and refreshing. When the concentration of negative ions in the air is high, it can inhibit the reproduction of various germs and purify the dust, smoke, pollen, dander and other inhalable particles in the indoor air. Living in this environment, Studying and working can eliminate fatigue, regulate human metabolism, and improve immunity.

Negative air ions, like sunlight, are essential substances for human beings, and have a very important impact on human life activities, just like vitamins in food, so people also call it air vitamins. But the lifespan of negative ions is very short, only a few minutes in clean air, and only a few seconds or even less in a dirty environment. In the wilderness, seaside, mountain villages, waterfalls, fountains and other places, due to low atmospheric pressure, less dust, high temperature, and more negative ions ionized in the air, its lifespan can reach more than 20 minutes; while in cities, especially industrial and mining areas, densely populated , there are many chimneys, smoke and dust increase sharply, and the exhaust gas from automobiles, the air is polluted, the number of negative ions is greatly reduced, the ecological balance is destroyed, and people's health is threatened

The above introduction is related to the introduction of the characteristics of LED purification lamps.

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