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Difficulty Of Disassembling The Mold Of Common Faults Of Single Tablet Press Machine

Difficulty Of Disassembling The Mold Of Common Faults Of Single Tablet Press Machine


In the process of using the tablet press, some small problems will inevitably appear. Many people will encounter the difficulty of disassembling the mold, which is one of them. Today, I will introduce the common problems of tablet press in use, the difficulty of disassembling the mold and how to solve these problems


6. Difficult mold removal

Fault condition:

The upper punch, lower punch or middle die cannot be taken out of the hole

Cause of failure:

(1) the die size or die hole size of the tablet press is unqualified and the fit is too tight

(2) the matching table surface is rusted

Fault prevention and treatment:

(1) pay attention to repair and replace if the fit is too tight during installation

(2) during installation, the mating surface shall be wiped clean and coated with a thin layer of oil film. If it is not used for a long time, the die shall be removed to wipe the mating surface, coated with antirust oil and properly stored.

(3) When installing the middle formwork, it should be noted that the middle formwork needs to be installed horizontally. If the inclination angle is too large, it will also be unable to install


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