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FAQ Between Bearing Housing Gland And Bearing

FAQ Between Bearing Housing Gland And Bearing


There is a certain matching mode between the gland of the bearing box and the bearing, which is determined according to the use position of the bearing, the type and size of the bearing, and the working condition.


1: what are the functions of the bearing box gland?


①. Axial positioning of bearing outer ring;

②. Dust proof and sealing, in addition to its own dust proof and sealing, it often cooperates with seals to achieve the sealing effect.


2:What is the fit between the bearing housing and the bearing outer ring??


①. The cylindrical bearing has no axial clearance, so it doesn't need to consider whether to reserve clearance. The outer ring of the bearing and the bore diameter of the bearing box are clearance fit. In order to prevent the outer ring from running, the gland needs to be pressed tightly. However, there should not be too much excess, which should be adjusted according to the size of the bearing.

②. Conical bearing has axial and meridional clearance, and the clearance of conical bearing is adjusted by its spacer. The spacer is generally thin and its hardness is lower than that of the inner and outer rings and rolling elements, so a certain amount of clearance needs to be left between the outer ring and the gland. No clearance or too much excess will cause deformation of bearing spacer and reduce bearing clearance. We know that the bearing clearance is divided into original clearance, installation clearance and working clearance. The increase of bearing temperature during operation will make the bearing have a certain amount of axial expansion. Generally, when installing tapered bearings, a clearance of 0.01mm to 0.05mm should be reserved between the outer ring and the gland.

③. Clearance must be reserved during the installation of thrust bearing. Thrust bearing is simply used to bear axial load. If the gland is pressed, the bearing clearance will disappear, and the bearing will be heated and burned directly during operation. The clearance between the thrust bearing and the gland can be referred to the bearing clearance table, and the appropriate clearance group can be selected. The selected clearance group is the clearance value between the bearing and the gland.


3: What are the methods of gap adjustment??


①. Adjusting gasket method: fill a group of soft material gaskets between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat; During adjustment, install the bearing end cover without putting shims, tighten the screws on the bearing end cover evenly, and rotate the shaft by hand until the bearing rolling element contacts the outer ring and there is no clearance inside the shaft; At this time, measure the clearance between the bearing end cap and the end face of the bearing seat, plus the axial clearance required by the bearing during normal operation; This is the total thickness of the gasket to be filled, and then fill the prepared gasket between the bearing end cover and the end face of the bearing seat, and finally tighten the screw.  

②. Adjusting bolt method: press the pressing ring on the outer ring of the bearing and press it with the adjusting bolt; Before pressure adjustment, first measure the pitch of the adjusting bolt, then slowly tighten the adjusting bolt until there is no clearance inside the bearing, and then calculate the corresponding rotation angle of the adjusting bolt.


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