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Clean Room

Clean Room



Also known as Clean workshop. The main function of clean room is indoor pollution control, without clean room, pollution-sensitive parts can not be mass produced. In the FED-STD-2, a clean room is defined as a room with air filtration, distribution, optimization, construction materials, and equipment, with a specific set of operating procedures to control the concentration of airborne particles, to achieve an appropriate level of particle cleanliness. The degree of cleanliness and the continuous stability of pollution control are the core standards for testing the quality of clean rooms, which are divided into several grades according to factors such as the regional environment, the degree of cleanliness and so on.



Clean room in the construction of purification projects, the need to use the following equipment:


A. Decoration structure :

1: the purification equipment needed for the clean room mainly includes: air shower room , laminar flow hood, transfer window, high-efficiency air supply (divided into ordinary high-efficiency air supply, integrated high-efficiency air supply, filter can be replaced high-efficiency air supply),pressure relief valve, air volume control valve, etc. , after the clean room is done, some local purification level requirements are particularly high, so we recommend the use of clean workbench, clean shed and other purification equipment.


2: color steel plate for enclosure structure all kinds of aluminum profiles, channel aluminum , angle aluminum, shape column aluminum, outer disc, three-dimensional joint, door plug, inner arc, door material, window material, etc.) auxiliary materials angle iron, round steel, rubber plug, white nails...


B . Air conditioning and ventilation:

1. The main materials of the air-conditioning ventilation part are air-conditioning main engine, return air duct, galvanized water pipe (or PVC pipe) water tower, gate valve water pump Y-type filter, rubber hose, check valve, water flow switch, thermometer, pressure gauge, water filter, various pipe code

2: the main materials of the ventilation part are medium-efficiency supercharger box, air valve, air volume control valve, primary rain-proof louver, air-return louver, primary filter, medium-efficiency filter, high-efficiency filter, laminar flow hood (FFU) insulation cotton, moisturizing hose, various accessories


C. Electrical parts:


1, Air Conditioning Circuit

2, purification equipment circuit

3, Lighting Circuit


D. Floor:

1. Epoxy floor 2. PVC floor 3. Elevated floor



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