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How To Solve The Large Difference In The Weight Of Pressed Tablets(1)

How To Solve The Large Difference In The Weight Of Pressed Tablets(1)


Many customers will encounter the problem of large difference in the weight of pressed tablets during use. Here we will analyze the causes and solutions of the whole problem.

1. The particle size distribution is uneven, and the particle flow rate is different during tablet pressing, resulting in uneven particle size filling into the middle mold hole. If the amount of coarse particles is large, the piece is light, and if the amount of fine particles is large, the piece is heavy.

Solution: The particles should be mixed evenly, or the whole particles should be re-grained to ensure uniform particle size.

2. If there is fine powder adhering to the punch, the difference in sheet weight may be large.

Solution: At this time, the down-punch rotation is not flexible, so it is necessary to check in time, remove the die, and clean the down-punch and middle die holes.

3. The particle flow is not good, and the amount of particles flowing into the middle mold hole is more or less, resulting in excessive difference in sheet weight and exceeding the limit.

Solution: It is necessary to re-granulate or add appropriate flow aids, such as micro-powder silica gel, to improve particle fluidity.

4. Particle layering.

Solution: Solve particle layering and reduce particle size difference.

5. For smaller tablets, choose materials with larger particles.

Solution: select particles of appropriate size.

6. The feeding hopper is blocked, which often occurs in drugs with strong viscosity or moisture absorption.

Solution: dredge the feeding hopper, keep the tablet pressing environment dry, and add flow aids appropriately.




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