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Chinese New Year Live Event

Chinese New Year Live Event


During the 2022 holiday of the Chinese New Year of the tiger, we still brought a live broadcast of clean room products to customers all over the world.


The general manager and chairman of our company personally broadcast live to you, and 10 free clean room design schemes were given to you. In last year, we had more new employees, who brought more technical support to the company, which made great progress in design and drawing, and greatly improved the production efficiency of the company we now have larger production capacity and quality control system to meet the requirements of more customers and quickly complete the design, production, delivery, installation guidance and commissioning we will continue to provide high-quality products and services for you in the new year, continue our fine tradition, and strive to move forward on the road of a high standard engineering service company.


We provide turnkey projects for clean rooms. At the same time, we can also provide services such as scheme design, clean room materials, clean room installation and commissioning. We also have a lot of air cleaning equipment for clean room projects to ensure the production standards of GMP clean rooms and complete GMP certification and acceptance.


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