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The First Of The Twenty-four Solar Terms - The Beginning Of Spring

The First Of The Twenty-four Solar Terms - The Beginning Of Spring


Start of Spring, the first solar term of China's 24 solar terms, means that all things begin to recover and start anew.

Today, I will talk about the beginning of Spring: On February 3, 4 or 5, one of those days. The beginning of Spring is one of the most important folk festivals of the Han nationality. "Li" means "beginning", and The start of Spring has always been the beginning of spring in China. Spring is warm, birds 'twitter and fragrance of flowers; Spring is growth, till sowing.


There is an old saying in China that "a year's plan starts with spring". The start of Spring is also a major festival in China, where families get together and prepare a sumptuous table of food. Recently, it appeared on the Internet, in China, people eat dumplings no matter what festival, but it is different on the start of Spring, which is spring cake.


Spring pancakes are pancakes made of flour and served with vegetables wrapped inside. Eating spring cake is also exquisite, vegetables will choose celery and leek, harmonics "qin" and "long", legend, the start of spring to eat spring cake will make people more diligent (qin), life is longer (long).


Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. We bid farewell to the successful 2021 and ushered in the hopeful 2022. On the occasion of the arrival of the new year, on behalf of Suzhou Pharma, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all foreign customers for their enthusiastic support! I wish you all a peaceful new year good health, family health, all the best!



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