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Y09-8A Laser Dust Particle Counter

Y09-8A Laser Dust Particle Counter


The laser dust particle counter is an instrument used to measure the number and particle size distribution of dust particles per unit volume in a clean environment.


Our company Y09-8A laser dust particle counter is a device for measuring particle dust with a sampling flow rate of 1CFM. As a particle count, the particle data of 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10μm 6 channels are displayed in real time, and the cumulative particle number and particle concentration value of the 6 channels can be switched to display after a sampling period. It is comparable to some expensive equipment. Built-in long-life laser diode, efficient light collection elliptical lens, unique optical system to provide high accuracy and concentration measurement range. Built-in high-efficiency vacuum pump, constant velocity sampling head, micro-processing circuit, computer interface, all information is displayed on the LCD screen.



Clean room monitoring, verification, HEPA, ULPA filter testing, FED-STD-209E

Indoor and outdoor (*) air quality research

Discover the source of leaks and contamination of pipes and air filtration systems

Hospital Nursing Ward

Test the efficiency of residential air purification and vacuum cleaners

Detection of filter particle leakage

Epidemiological studies


The basic principle is that the detection laser of the optical sensor is scattered by dust particles and received by the photosensitive element and generates a pulse signal. The pulse signal is output and amplified, and then digital signal processing is performed. By comparing with the standard particle signal, the comparison result is different. The parameters are shown. The instrument's measurement parameter setting, measurement result display, buttons, timing, printing, time, date, data storage, etc. are all controlled and realized by the built-in microcomputer (MCU). The instrument can simultaneously display the temperature and humidity of the environment and report the work of the laser particle sensor state.

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Product Specifications
Particle counting channel0.μm
Maximum counting range35000/L
The sampling period1-40 min
Sampling flow1CFM28.3L/min
ConfidenceUCLNew version of GMP
Cleanliness judgmentNew version of GMP
Data preservation256 groups
Self-purification time10min
Accuracy±10% aerosol
Light source760nm laser diode
Power supply220VAC 50/60Hz
Screen240168 LCD screen
Keyboard9 key film stickers
Size350*320*126Width   * depth * height
Operating environment temperature0-40

Basically, this is all the information of our company's Y09-8A laser dust particle detector, if you are interested, you can contact us, we are online 24 hours a day, looking forward to your inquiry.


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